Good, well placed task lighting is absolutely essential if visually impaired people are to maximise their residual vision. As we grow older we all need more light and this is especially true if there is also a sight problem. The lamp must be placed so that it illuminates the task in hand but does not cause glare to the patient.

The best light is usually obtained by sitting at a bright window on a sunny day. Turn your body to avoid the sunlight falling onto your face but ensure that it falls onto the print. If it is a dull day or night time the best light then is a well placed angle poise lamp. If you are not using a magnifier place the lamp about shoulder height and slowly move the lamp towards the print until the illumination is good. If however you are using a non illuminated magnifier lower the light so that it is below the level of the magnifier. This ensures that there are no reflections from the lens and no shadow from the magnifier frame. Bringing the light closer to the print also intensifies the illumination and thereby increases contrast.

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